The best way to purchase a domain name that's already taken

It's almost impossible to register a great domain name since the mid 1990's because someone already owns the domain name you want to buy. Maybe you've tried to find and contact the owner and found it difficult or impossible to do on your own. That's why a broker can be an invaluable asset. They have the tools, knowledge and relationships to track down the owner, avoid fraudulent sales and help you negotiate the best deal. Hiring a broker is not only saving you time and money, but it just may save you thousands of dollars through negotiations using someone with experience. There are no set prices on domain names, so trying to do a valuation on your own might be an expensive endeavor.

Politics of domaining

It can be advantageous to remain anonymous as a buyer of domain names. If you try to purchase the domain directly from the seller, he may raise the price if he knows your true identity. Using a broker can create a safety net to protect your interests and your wallet.

Domain Name Seller Protection

You may also want to remain anonymous as a seller, so strangers and family don't hound you after reading about your multi-million dollar domain name sale.

Making low ball offer can be costly

Many domain sellers will get frustrated with low ball offers and tire kickers and can even stop negotiations with you completely. Once pissed off they often raise their price for the domain name. Now this can price you out of its acquisition. Short single word .com's usually start at $250,000, and that was before 8% inflation. So adjust your price offers appropriately.

A domain broker can assist you in deciding which domain fits your budget and help you obtain a great name. They know which sellers are willing to negotiate a fair price, which ones overcharge and may even be aware of a perfect domain for you at a discount.

How to safely pay for a domain name

Once the price is negotiated and the deal is accepted, you need to make sure the transfer of the domain name is safe. The seller also needs assurances that he will get his money.

That's why all domain sales should be completed using an escrow service. The buyer transfers funds to an escrow account where the funds are held in escrow until the buyer has possession of the domain name at their registrar. Once the domain name is in the buyers hands, he confirms ownership with the escrow company and they then release the funds to the seller.